Update Your Google Analytics to GA4 Now!

Google has announced that they are sunsetting Universal Analytics in July 2023, to move to the new version – Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Therefore, if you are using the old version of Google Analytics, you have until 1st July 2023 to set up and transition over to GA4.

Whilst we have time to transition over, it is worth getting GA4 set up as soon as you can to run alongside your Universal Analytics profile. This means that the GA4 data capture will start as soon as it’s set up which will be very handy when you look back at previous data after the switch. It also means that you’ll have longer to become familiar with the new interface before the switchover happens.

From 1st July 2023, no data will be visible in Universal Analytics properties and you’ll have 6 months to export your data from Analytics before it gets removed. Therefore, we recommend that when Universal Analytics properties stop processing the data, you download any reports that you need so that you have these available to you for comparison. This would be handy when looking back at previous years as this data won’t be available to view in your new GA4 profile. Unfortunately, you can’t simply upload your old data into the new GA4 property, so it’s important to get GA4 set up as soon as you can so you have YoY comparisons.

If you need any help getting GA4 set up or have any questions about what the switchover means, then please feel free to get in touch!

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